Your Bra Could Be Famous

We need your help.

Our next photo subject, Shelley, is a fireball.

Breast cancer, to her, was a call to action. In the months and years after her diagnosis, Shelley decided that the key to healing was to help others to heal. “I believe I am a survivor for a reason,” Shelley says, “so being able to talk about my experience has really helped me to come full circle.”

To that end, Shelley has been involved in lunch-ins, cancer walks and the Pink Ribbon Mentoring Program at Mayo Clinic, where she was treated for her cancer.

One of her favorite causes is the 1 in 8 Foundation, an organization founded in honor of the late Linda Eastman McCartney, the wife of Paul McCartney and a tireless activist who succumbed to breast cancer in 1998. Committed to providing early detection for all women, the foundation inspired Shelley to embark upon a project called Bras Across Minnesota to raise money for the cause. Basically, the idea is to collect enough bras (and a small pledge with each) to stretch across the state. Similar projects have mobilized in other states, and if enough bras (and donations) are collected to stretch across the United States, enough money will have been raised to provide nearly half a million mammograms to women who could not have otherwise afforded them. It’s an amazingly ambitious project, and one that undoubtedly makes a difference.

When we began discussing the project artistically, we wanted to incorporate a visual representation of the work Shelley has done, and so we’ve decided to collect bras. Pink ones are best, but we’ll take whatever you’ve got. So, hit that lingerie drawer, and pull out the ones you no longer wear, and send them to us:

The Of Scars Project
PO Box 68172
Minneapolis, MN 55418

If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and prefer for us to pick up your old bras, shoot us an email and we’ll arrange it with you.

Bras should be in clean condition, and you’ll get massive brownie points if you can find some cheesy pink ones for our li’l’ photographer selves. All collections must be made by Friday, July 16th, 2010. When we’re done with the photo shoot, we’ll donate the bras to Shelley.

Extra massive brownie points for making a donation to Bras Across Minnesota while you’re at it. Details for donations can be found on that Web site, or you can email us to find out more.

All emails should be sent to ofscarsproject (at) gmail (dot) com.

Just think about it. Your bra could be famous!

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