woops, february evaporated

oh, wait! we have a blog?

we just came up for air and remembered, it probably doesn’t really look like we’ve been doing much.  actually, we’ve been doing so much that we haven’t had time to tell you about it – so here is a quick update.

  • we are shooting all day this sunday!  we are so excited.  two amazing survivors that were among the first to respond to our ad on craigslist for willing models.
  • we have a meeting in the next couple of weeks with springboard for the arts, to discuss some non profit options and get some advice.
  • we are working on some interviews with people that have inspiring perspectives about breast cancer survival, and we are excited to share that with you.
  • we have at least 6 other people on board to do photo shoots, and have been brainstorming ideas for upcoming shoots.  we are closer to nailing down details for where our first show will take place – more on that as it unfolds.

keep your feedback coming, and please see our FAQ page if you are interested in participating in what we are doing!

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