sneak peek #4: colleen talks about legacy

if you have followed our project at all, you may recognize our dear Colleen. the first time we met her, we went up to her opera house in staples, mn and spent 15 life-changing hours with her. we learned about 975,000 things that day, but one of those things is that Colleen makes boxes.

she makes boxes for her son. there is one for him to open on his wedding day. graduation. the birth of his baby. the boxes contain all the things she wants to share with him on those milestones in his life. you know, in case she isn’t there to tell him herself.

this year we asked Colleen to do a presentation about legacy, and share her thoughts about these boxes that she makes. if you would like to take part in this discussion, please join us by 7 pm on saturday when she will get started. 

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  1. I completely admire Colleen. We were high school classmates, and recently reconnected thru facebook. We didnt have much in common in High School, but if I am thankful for one thing about my battle with breast cancer, is that it has made it possible for Colleen and I to get to know each other better, She is an amazing person and a wonderful mother to Adam

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