1. My Wfe, Daughter and Granddaughter have put in many hours working on the breast cancer walks, so I have a lot of family support. My question is WHY IS SO LITTLE SAID ABOUT MALE BREAST CANCER?
    As a breast cancer surviver I am upset that all the literature is based females with no mention of males possibly getting breast cancer. With the write-ups of your project there is again no mentions of males.

  2. Hi, William.

    First, thanks for writing! We’re glad you brought that point up. And don’t get upset just yet. After all, the total number of men who have asked us to photograph them equals none. It’s hard for us to photographically represent someone who doesn’t ask to be photographed, right?

    Second, OMG! Do you KNOW how hard we’ve been looking for you? Here’s the deal: as I’m sure you know, male breast cancers tend to be very aggressive. When you couple that with the fact that there’s no screening mechanism in place for men, a diagnosis of breast cancer in men is frequently a pretty serious thing. The devastating, sad truth is that it is hard for us to find male breast cancer survivors who want to talk to us. We’ve been waiting. Will you be the first? Email us. Seriously. We wanna talk.

    All of this brings up a great point that is worth stating for everyone in every group that we have not yet represented: WE CAN’T REPRESENT YOU UNTIL YOU CONTACT US! So PLEASE send us an email, and help us get this dialog started. We need older women, and younger women, and women of color, and men of all ages and races. We NEED to talk about this disease, with all of it’s faces. But in order to do that, we need people to step forward and lend us their voices.

    Who’s next?

    Can’t wait to hear from you.


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