One Newsflash, One Question, One Reminder

NEWSFLASH: Four amazing Of Scars models stopped by for brunch, chatting and video-taking. We’ll have some really fun stuff to show you soon.

QUESTION: I’ll tell you what I think in an upcoming post, but I’m wondering what you think about this Men’s Health article. It says women “approve” of these “respectful and honest” secrets about breasts, but I have to wonder: What do stories like this tell us about our value as whole people? Do stories like this over-emphasize the importance of breasts? Or are breasts really that important to women and men?

REMINDER: Party’s almost here. October 1st. We’ll see you there, right?

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  1. we, as a whole have become desensitized to one another as human beings. We argue instead of discuss, we Text instead of talk, we e-mail instead of write, and as a whole, the power of simple human communication has been watered down. I believe that as a result, the abilility to see each other for what possess inside has surrenderd itself to what we are told or shown to see. As a hair stylist for nearly 30 years, I have been fortunate enough to have spent my life communicating with people on a personal level. The statement that seems to ring truest in the article, is “the sexiest thing a woman can wear is self confidence”. I think that would be as true for men as well.

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