New and Exciting!

As always, this project seems to move at its own pace, in fits and starts. We’ve learned to be okay with this, as both us of have these “job” things that keep us busy and we have to get stuff done when we can.

Even so, we’re gearing up to have a huge year. We’ve met with more prospective models for the 2012 collection than we’ve met with in all of our previous experience combined. We’ve been advised by women in active stages of treatment, women who’ve established new families in the wake of their struggle with cancer, or chosen prophylactic mastectomy to prevent cancer in the face of frightening family histories. We’ve held our breath at the news that newfound survivor friends were battling recurrences of their disease. We even heard from an upcoming model who was so moved by this project that she added an Of Scars tattoo to her tat collection. In every way, we are humbled and inspired.¬†We’ve heard more perspectives than ever before, met our oldest and youngest survivors to date, and heard story after incredible story. Whether we’re learning what it means to live with cancer, or to rebuild with the new identity of Survivor, it’s been a powerful and emotional journey already, and we’re just getting started.

Beyond a deeper and more diverse group of models, our project is in the process of expanding our approach to artistic exploration of the Survival Experience. We’re calling our new series Seeing Scars, and with it, we’re deepening the art of conversation about cancer. In the coming months, we’ll bring in speakers, experts, and survivors with fascinating perspective on the third Tuesday of each month. Tonight, we’ll kick off it off simply with a refresher course on the Of Scars project for those who’ve followed it for awhile, and an introduction for anyone new to the project. If you’re in Minneapolis, and you’re free, come hang out with us at the Fox Egg Gallery from 7-8 tonight. (We feed people snacks. We’re cool like that.)

In coming months, we’ll turn this part of the discussion to matters both practical and profound. We’ll explore things as seemingly simple as talking to friends with cancer, and as challenging as feeling like your beautiful, sexy, and strong self during chemo.

We hope you’ll join us for a session or two (or hey, even all six!), but if you can’t, keep an eye on the site. We’ll be creating a podcast from each of the Seeing Scars discussion¬†events, and posting it here for you to hear, or to share with friends.


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