Happy Cancer-Free Anniversary!

Of Scars would like to take a moment to congratulate our first model, Bonnie, on three years cancer-free. Here’s a picture of her doing the first Race for the Cure after her surgery. What you can’t see is that at the time of the race, she still had drainage tubes from her mastectomy. Kick-ass woman, no?

Which brings me to a fascinating discussion I had the other night at the 318 Cafe in Excelsior, Minnesota. I was introduced to an awesome woman named Jessica, whose mother is also a survivor. Jessica told me stories about how tough her mom was during her treatments. I responded with, “Sweet. My mama went to a garage sale on the way home from her mastectomy.”

It was a funny, tender and perfect example of a sisterhood that embraces every woman on the planet: We were bonded by the strength of the women around us. It rocked.

Of Scars would love to honor the women in your life, too. We want to know about the beautiful, strong, kick-ass survivors in your world. Send pictures, stories–whatever you got–to ofscarsproject(at)gmail(dot)com. We want them all to have a moment to shine, and we want to remind ourselves that our experiences, while unique, are universal, too. And frankly, that’s magic.

Bring it!

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