My 10-year-old daughter was given a fun assignment in school today: write a “Six-Word Memoir”.

The urban legend goes that Ernest Hemmingway was challenged to write his life story in six words, and he responded with “For Sale: Baby Shoes, never worn.” Hm.

Apparently, this Six-Word Memoir thing is kind of a big deal. Four years ago, SMITH Magazine Online began collecting Six-Word Memoirs, and has published several books of responses to the challenge.

Everything about it amazes me. The idea of simplifying all the complexities of human existence at any given moment down to six little words? Woah. The copywriter in me becomes breathless at the conciseness of it all.

So I put a challenge out on Facebook, as any geek would do. And people responded!

My favorite was this one, by the amazingly talented Jon Herchert: “Miracles happen everyday. You are happening.”

Just think about it for a minute. Right now, at this moment, you are happening. You are occurring, and unfolding, and being. Beginning and ending and existing and expanding. You are a verb. You are.


And isn’t it good?

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  1. Extraordinary life, not taken for granted. #sixwordstory

    Two years cancer-free tomorrow. : )

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