Recently, the Of Scars team did a photo shoot with Ann, a survivor with a fiery spirit and an obvious zest for life. Accompanying Ann on the shoot were two of her allies in the battle against cancer: her husband; and Frida, a flouncy bob-cut wig.

Named for renowned painter Frida Kahlo, Ann’s wig became a symbol of defiance throughout her cancer journey. “I was diagnosed at around the time that the movie Frida came out,” Ann explained. “I liked her strength as a woman.”

Frida’s appearance on the shoot leant a bit of levity, to be sure. But I was surprised and touched by her presence, as well. Rather than looking at breast cancer as a loss of identity, Ann chose to create for herself a new and deliberate persona. With Frida, Ann harnessed her own strength and passion, and wore it for all the world to see.

Again and again, this project makes me proud to call myself a woman.

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