Circle the Words That Describe You.

As we went into our shoot with Ann (see also the previous post about Ann and Frida the wig) we were reading through the notes in her file.  We send each of the models some questions to help us understand how she feels about herself, her surgery, her process, her body.  her image.  One of the things we ask is for them to circle words from a list of adjectives that help describe the way they feel about themselves.  

We read Ann’s list and were just beside ourselves when we found that she had done the exercise but then went one step further by writing in her own list of words.  

We were reading the list in the car on the way to the shoot and as we began taking pictures, her words were echoing and inspiring us.  We have a lot of pictures from that day, but one in particular grabbed my attention – even though i almost passed it over when pulling out the main images i wanted to work with.   I set it aside for a few days until it occurred to me that it needed to be the backdrop for her list.  Her wonderful, amazing, inspiring list.  

I like the photo because you can’t tell if she is laughing or screaming – and paired with the list, it could be either.  I know what she’s doing because i was there, but i’m not telling.


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