Sneak Peek #3

Today’s sneak peek is Patty. Patty delighted with stories about her prosthetic boob and how she responds to people staring at her in the grocery store when she chooses not to wear it. You just have to come to our event to chat with her about . . . well, anything at all. Her approach to life is filled with positivity and fun, and we just couldn’t get enough of her when she came in to meet with us.

Sneak Peek #2

Today’s sneak peek is of beautiful Robyn. We spent a rainy morning in the woods behind her house, her two little girls costumed (a witch and a princess) and running around, her husband and best friend there for support as well. She has a tree house in her back yard and we decided to do the shoot there to capture her where she is grounded and happy in nature. Her home is an amazing nest of love, support and compassion.

Interesting note: This is one of two shoots we did outdoors this year, and one of three shoots we did in the model’s home (or in one case, the site of a future home.)


Sneak Peek #1

Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing some sneak peeks for this year’s celebration on Sept. 29th.

This one is an awesome story of three friends rallying in support of their friend Ang as she began chemo and started to lose her hair. We had been introduced to Ang via email but hadn’t had a chance to meet her in person yet when saw an awesome event unfold on twitter. All four of them had a head shaving party and streamed the entire thing on uStream to raise some extra money to help Ang cover medical and living expenses when she couldn’t go to work.

It was a powerful thing to watch, and the spirit of it is representative of everything we try to be in this project. It’s an honor to have gotten to know these women over the last year, and we can’t wait to share the photos from the shoot we did with them.

sneak peek #5: is actually a sneak listen

at our event tomorrow evening (sometime between 6 and 6:30) there will be a live performance of a song that diedrich weiss wrote when he was volunteering in the cancer unit & inpatient mental health unit. he has kindly offered to come perform his song Wounds to Scars, which you can listen to in the sidebar. look to your right.

and here is a sneak peek of us hanging the show. we are doing math!


sneak peek #4: colleen talks about legacy

if you have followed our project at all, you may recognize our dear Colleen. the first time we met her, we went up to her opera house in staples, mn and spent 15 life-changing hours with her. we learned about 975,000 things that day, but one of those things is that Colleen makes boxes.

she makes boxes for her son. there is one for him to open on his wedding day. graduation. the birth of his baby. the boxes contain all the things she wants to share with him on those milestones in his life. you know, in case she isn’t there to tell him herself.

this year we asked Colleen to do a presentation about legacy, and share her thoughts about these boxes that she makes. if you would like to take part in this discussion, please join us by 7 pm on saturday when she will get started. 

Circle the Words That Describe You.

As we went into our shoot with Ann (see also the previous post about Ann and Frida the wig) we were reading through the notes in her file.  We send each of the models some questions to help us understand how she feels about herself, her surgery, her process, her body.  her image.  One of the things we ask is for them to circle words from a list of adjectives that help describe the way they feel about themselves.  

We read Ann’s list and were just beside ourselves when we found that she had done the exercise but then went one step further by writing in her own list of words.  

We were reading the list in the car on the way to the shoot and as we began taking pictures, her words were echoing and inspiring us.  We have a lot of pictures from that day, but one in particular grabbed my attention – even though i almost passed it over when pulling out the main images i wanted to work with.   I set it aside for a few days until it occurred to me that it needed to be the backdrop for her list.  Her wonderful, amazing, inspiring list.  

I like the photo because you can’t tell if she is laughing or screaming – and paired with the list, it could be either.  I know what she’s doing because i was there, but i’m not telling.