seeking participants for pilot group

we recently bumped into an old friend, pilates teacher Peggie Zoerhof.  her company is called The Intelligent Body and she has a pilates program for breast cancer survivors called the Pink Ribbon Program – the focus of it is to “offer strength, self-esteem and quality of life to breast cancer survivors.”

physical fitness is a tremendous part of daily overall well-being, and regaining the strength and flexibility after any surgery is a challenge.  but do you just hop back over to the gym after a mastectomy?  what about how you feel in the locker room?  or the pool?  i imagine for everyone, getting back into a fitness routine will take different forms and everyone will have different comfort levels – just as they would without the burden of cancer.  this program is noteworthy because it is a safe and positive place to get back into a routine, and to have some targeted help with your body post-surgery.  Peggie is a kind and gentle woman and thoughtful teacher.

Peggie expressed to us an interest in forming a pilot group for survivors, to build interest in the Pink Ribbon Program locally.  Here’s what she is offering:

“If you know as many as four survivors who could agree on a time, I would like to put together a pilot group.  Tuition would be free for this first group with just the cost of the exercise manual (pictures and directions for them to take with them) which is about $25.  The six week session would be proceeded by a 45 min. private consult to allow me to fully understand their history.  The six classes would be held in my home studio with the hope that participants are then able to graduate to a beginning Pilates class.  Each session will last about 30 minutes.  The 45 min. assessment for each participant will be scheduled at their convenience sometime before the start of the first class.  If the first class could start around April 26, the session would be done in time for the start of the summer sessions.
At first blush, a 30 min. session does not sound like much unless we consider that the program was designed for those who are about 6 weeks post op.  That said, anyone who struggles with lack of range of motion in the shoulder (due to breast cancer procedures) would be a good candidate.  Any candidate should be sure to have clearance from their doctor before starting.”
please consider this program if you are a survivor looking to get back into an exercise program, or pass the info along if you know someone that is. contact Peggie directly via her website, or feel free to give us a shout as well, we would be happy to pass your info along.