“Call Me Warrior”

The really moving thing about this project so far has been that it moves in its own direction, on its own accord. When I put out the all-call for Haiku, I anticipated that I’d be inundated with silliness, which was okay with me. I needed a pick-me-up, and I’d selfishly decided to use this blog to create one, just for me.

There wasn’t any silliness. In fact, there was only one submission, which was surprising to me, considering that the number of visitors to our page has soared recently. But that one entry was so unbelievably well-crafted that it took my breath away. Reader Katy actually emailed this disclaimer along with her work of art:

I am not a writer.”

Come again? Of course you are.

Here’s what Katy wrote:

My first mammogram
I avoid my reflection
Goodbye double D

I miss my nipples
Nursed my babies for six years
Changed me forever

A battle ground well traveled
Call me warrior

Day number 19
Had total body hair loss
Still have my feet warts

I, Wonder Woman
My comeback is slow but sure
I wear pink with pride

Hair on my head grows
The flowers bloom in the spring
Shave my legs agai

Wow, Katy. I will call you Warrior. And a writer. And just in case everyone isn’t convinced of the effect that women like Katy have on the world, let’s take a minute to see what her 7-year-old son wrote:

Mama lost her hair
Like dead autumn leaves it fell
Looks like a fighter”

There aren’t really words for that, except that it’s true. I hope today you recognize that, Survivors. You look like fighters, and it’s breathtaking. Wear it with pride.

(Enjoy your coffee, Katy!)

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  1. I’ve benefited from Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and now Haiku Therapy. Thanks for this healing exercise.

  2. Katy, I’m going to add two more words to the list of things to call you that was created by Kate and your son (although theirs are more powerful): artist and poet.

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