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By the end of December 2013, more than 230,000 new cases of breast cancer had been diagnosed. There are numerous support organizations to help those dealing with the disease. Twin Cities “Of Scars” is one such organization.

2012 MN Women’s Press Changemakers

Portraits of breast cancer patients inspire and empower
by Norma Smith Olson

"The impact on people's lives surprised me. The project gives power-both to the people we photograph and the people looking at the photographs. It makes them feel empowered and normal and beautiful. ... Putting yourself in such a vulnerable position can give you so much power."

The Radical Housewife: We Are All Made of Scars

Shannon Drury

One of the great things about working for a feminist media outlet is being assigned stories that are actually a pleasure to research and write. In fact, I regularly get hipped to people, places, and things that make me kick myself and think “why the hell didn’t I know about this?” In the last year alone I’ve learned about the fab musical “My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding,” the wildly talented pop-funk singer-songwriter Mayda, and now, the photography project Of Scars.

MN Women’s Press

October 2012
Photo project reveals whole women behind breast cancer scars
Shannon Drury

When Kate Kunkel Bailey's mother underwent a bilateral mastectomy in 2007, the Minneapolis-based writer and photographer didn't buy a pink ribbon; instead, she conceived of a photography project that would go beyond pink to reveal the whole woman behind each incidence of the disease.

Star Tribune | Face Time: Heroines of Healing

Story and photos by Sara Glassman , Star Tribune

Photographers Kate Bailey and Elli Rader created "Of Scars" as a website ( and annual event after Bailey's mom had breast cancer.

"I was shocked after my mother's mastectomy about how medicalized, defeminized and desexualized breasts are in our culture," said Bailey. Rader photographed Bailey's mom without her shirt on with the message scrawled on her chest: "Breasts are not for saving, women are."

Star Tribune | ‘Of Scars’ show mixes hope with bold celebration of cancer survival’

by Gail Rosenblum, 9/30/2010

"Our goal from Day One was to start a different kind of discussion," she said. "To do that, you need a broad range of perspectives." But hope will rule the night. "We want this to be a night where people say, 'Look how many women beat this,'" Kunkel said.

Metro Magazine | ‘of Scars: Beauty in Bravery’

by Samantha Thielen, 9/30/2010

KFAI / Womenfolk

Kate & elli talk with Ellen Stanley, the host of Womenfolk, about the opening exhibit & panel discussion, and about the project.