All the Hands That Lift Us Up

We’ve been busy.

Personally, we’ve been busy. In the past three months, two out of the three of us have moved. There have been vacations, school changes for kids, and the annual Minnesota round of Sick Kid Month.

What’s amazing about this project is that, despite our tendency to step back every now and again, Of Scars moves forward on its own momentum.

We’ve received offers of legal help and fiscal sponsorship. We’ve met astounding people who are currently holding our hands as we embark on this adventure. We’re learning so. much.

Enter Kate-Madonna Hindes, a nationally sought-after speaker and writer who is, incidentally, a cervical cancer survivor and a spokesperson for the National Cervical Cancer Coalition. The existence of ladies like her makes me proud to call myself a woman, and she’s graciously offered us a number of opportunities. Among them, a guest spot on her blog–check it out!

We’re so very grateful to the women, men and organizations that have approached us with their support, so we wanted to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt THANK YOU!

And, in that spirit, we’d like to invite you to notice the people who’ve held your hand along a journey, in whatever form that may take. Find ’em today, and thank them. Guarantee you it’ll brighten your day!

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